Functional Kitchen Shelving to Create a Compact and Neat Kitchen Look

Functional kitchen shelving are a versatile piece of kitchen equipment that you need to have to complete the look of your kitchen. This shelf is useful for placing various spices or other kitchen utensils. Its presence creates a more organized and aesthetic kitchen space.

However, the selection of this kitchen furniture should not be arbitrary. You need to pay attention to the size of your kitchen with the size of the shelf you will use. For a kitchen with a minimalist size, of course, a shelf that is too large will make the kitchen look cramped and stuffy.

Functional Kitchen Shelving to Create a Compact and Neat Kitchen Look

Functional Kitchen Shelving Recommendations

Your kitchen space will certainly be more complete with the addition of the right design and decoration. Besides being a complement, this design and decoration can also provide comfort for its users when doing various activities in it.

A kitchen space with a beautiful and functional design can create a warm and pleasant cooking atmosphere. One of the multifunctional furniture that can complement your kitchen is the shelf.

With this versatile shelf, you can place various kitchen utensils in the same place. If you are looking for a minimalist and functional kitchen shelf, here are some recommendations that can be an option.

Kitchen Trolley Rack

The first model of this shelf, usually comes with wheels that complement each part of the legs. The wheels certainly make it easier for you to move or shift the shelf even though there are utensils in it.

The material that complements each leg of this shelf, usually comes from quality materials. So that this functional kitchen shelving is strong and sturdy to accommodate your kitchen utensils.

Hanging Shelf

The next recommendation is a shelf with a hanging model. This model is very suitable for those of you who have a minimalist or narrow kitchen size.

This hanging shelf is a vertical or wall space utilization. In addition to tableware such as plates, spoons and forks, you can place various kitchen spices. Starting from sauce bottles, soy sauce bottles and many more.

Extendable Shelf

This extendable shelf is a shelf model that is usually placed at the top of the sink or hand and dishwasher. Apart from being a functional shelf, the size of this shelf is quite flexible. You can adjust its size to the size of the sink where it will be placed.

That way, you can use it to put the cutlery that you have washed directly on the shelf. You can also use this rack as an additional shelf to store various kitchen utensils or tableware.

Plastic Shelf

If you like a simple, but still beautiful shelf model, this functional shelf can be the right choice. Not only can you get it at an affordable price, but this shelf is also more durable and rust-resistant. So you don’t need to worry when storing kitchen utensils that are still wet on this one shelf.

Because it comes from plastic material, this shelf also has a light weight and various colors.

Those are some recommendations of functional kitchen shelving that you can make a choice to complete your kitchen room. Don’t forget to customize the model and size of the shelf according to your needs.

With these versatile shelves, you don’t need to worry anymore about putting various kitchen utensils that you have.