Sleek Kitchen Countertops with Simple and Minimalist

Sleek kitchen countertops are a popular choice to complement your cooking space because of their minimalist and compact shape. In addition, despite its simple shape, the use of this table can give a luxurious and comfortable impression to your kitchen space.

Kitchen tables with a minimalist or slim size are able to give the impression of a more spacious and spacious kitchen room. Very suitable for kitchen rooms with a size that is not too large.

Sleek Kitchen Countertops with Simple and Minimalist Design

Sleek Kitchen Countertops Inspiration

The minimalist size of the kitchen requires proper and careful arrangement. So that later various kitchen utensils can be in one room with the dining area.

The best solution to this problem is to pay attention to the use of equipment that complements the kitchen. We recommend that you use a variety of sleek kitchen appliances so that they will not take up much space when placing them.

To help you complete a minimalist and simple dining room design in a narrow kitchen area, here are some inspiring slim dining tables that can be your best choice.

Bar-Style Dining Table

A minimalist bar table can be an option for you to use as a complement to your narrow kitchen space. In addition to functioning as a dining table area, this table that is directly connected to the kitchen can be useful as a cooking table.

The use of this bar-style table can also be a beautiful barrier between the kitchen and other rooms. Generally, this table has a slim size so it is very suitable to complement your minimalist kitchen.

Built-in Wooden Table

The next sleek kitchen countertops model is a wooden table with a built-in concept. As the name implies, built-in furniture is furniture that is permanently designed in a place in a room.

This table model is certainly more space-saving because of its minimalist size. However, because it comes with a permanent concept, you need to disassemble the table when you want to change it.

Marble Kitchen Table

Marble material is the perfect material to produce a luxurious impression on a residence. The same is true for home interior design, such as this kitchen table.

The marketing price of marble-based furniture itself is relatively high. Even so, the price is comparable to the elegant impression you can get when using these products as a complement to the interior of your home.

Simple Folding Table

This table model can be the right solution for kitchen spaces with limited space. This folding table is very flexible and compact so that it can provide an additional area in your kitchen room.

You can open this table when you want to use it and fold it back when you’re done. A little complicated, but very suitable for your kitchen room with a minimalist size.

In addition, by using this folding kitchen countertop you will get a small place or shelf as open storage.

Those are some inspiring sleek kitchen countertops to complement your minimalist kitchen. With these tables, you can get a wider and more spacious kitchen area.